Practical to do what kind of confusion in the selected primary station station

QQ has been recently in some primary Adsense in my consulting study that WEB production technology is good, so I write this article, the following is only a personal opinion, hope that the majority of primary webmaster detours, earn $, don’t waste time in confusion that language learning.

html: this is as a webmaster must understand something, if you want to do a webmaster, so please Study hard, don’t look at him, but he is as a webmaster to the most basic stuff, for the beginning of webmaster must learn more about crustily skin, after the site when there will be a lot of help to you, who do not know HTML can make a web page, but absolutely can not make a perfect professional web


CSS: this is the basis for making beautiful web pages. Even if you can’t write it yourself, you should at least be able to understand what that code will do. And then you’ll gain experience in the future,


above 2 is as a webmaster need to learn, when more than 2 can be made independent of the homepage, advice to learn DIV+css of things, after all DIV+css is the trend of the page layout, personally feel that DIV+CSS is the most important skill and


as for PS, flash, etc., if as a junior webmaster, must also contact, even if not proficient, but in their own changes when things can also be put in use, do not have to ask for help,


on the dynamic web development language name (the following is the focus of this article to write, this article does not introduce technology, easy to understand, only for road reference)

currently uses 3 dynamic web languages: ASP (Active, Server, Page), JSP (Java, Server, Pages), PHP (Hypertext, Preprocessor), and

ASP: if not yet the webmaster, not recommended to study, not 2 years, this technology will be replaced by other technologies, and Microsoft not update early, is always asp3.0! Although domestic support ASP stationmaster of a lot of open source program, there are many, but many are already engaged in transfer other development! And is most likely a loophole in the

technology development!

if you have to learn the words, I think the following reasons: 1: domestic support asp+access space, free space. 2: open source program (most garbage also) 3: if you want to be engaged in enterprise website construction, so do not earn a little money to learn about


JSP: the main development of some highly commercial procedures, enterprise applications, site making, the cost is too high, open source procedures are not many, self-study is not easy, not suitable for grass with webmaster learning

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