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A few days ago

is a website written and generalized analysis! Referring to many previous achievements added some of their own ideas! Although similar, but finally have their own understanding of the Internet at present. Now I put these into the solution must carefully the thing in the website before



China’s Internet is constantly improving and developing. Extending a wide range of new technologies, products and services. WEB2.0 (referred to as the new network technology platform to pay more attention to the interaction of the user) era, the network society is different from a few years ago the information era, people pay more attention to service, communicate and experience more in the virtual world. Although still can not say, but many people believe that the Internet will or has changed from "content is king" into "tool is king" era. Look at all the successful examples around you, with emphasis on "human nature", user oriented, and convenience. When people use you, pay attention to you, and treat you as an important tool in your life, you are successful in this time.

two today’s Internet

SNS (social networking services) is neck and neck with e-commerce (I’ll call e-commerce as a platform for Web Marketing)

in my opinion, now the site is divided into two kinds, as a Alibaba, Taobao, Amazon, a class of dangdang.com in marketing, sales, business cooperation based e-commerce platform; another, like MOP mop.com, Tencent, bokee.com a class to provide all kinds of interaction and exchange and sharing service SNS network service platform. The website will be divided into the two categories, based on the browser, the user itself.

American psychologist Maslow put forward in the psychology that people’s needs are mainly divided into 5 kinds:

1. physiological needs are the basic needs of individual survival. To eat, drink, or live in.

2. security needs, including psychological and material security, such as the threat of theft, the prevention of dangerous accidents, occupational protection, social insurance and retirement funds.

3., social needs, people are part of society, friendship and community need to be a sense of belonging, interpersonal needs mutual sympathy, mutual aid and praise.

4. respects needs, including demanding respect from others and having intrinsic self-esteem.

5. self actualization requires the realization of your own expectation of life through your own efforts, thus making real sense of life and work.

allows us to sum up physical needs, security requirements into material needs, social needs, esteem needs, and self actualization requirements as spiritual needs. It is not difficult to see that it is precisely because of people’s consumption needs that lead to the development of the network society in such a way as to meet the different levels of material and spiritual.

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