The 5 approach lets your WordPress blog get more subscriptions


, but if you have a lot of subscription readers, but none of them is commenting on your article, then that doesn’t count. So I’ll share with you 5 ways to increase the number of true subscriptions and increase the reader’s responsiveness.

one, just get the mailbox,


if you need more subscribers, just leave them with the mailbox, and no other information needs to be asked. Let’s give you an example. asks for a email address only when subscribing to a user’s subscription. No name, no phone number, address, etc. personal information.

used to use the name as the title of the mail, which was really a good email marketing strategy, but it’s basically going to be spam right now. Where do ordinary people write your name on the heading? Only spam will do that. So it’s not necessary to ask for information such as name and so on. Just enter a mailbox and confirm to complete the subscription. Isn’t that a very happy thing?

two, tell them why you subscribe to your blog


many subscription invitations are to tell readers to sign up or subscribe, and there are few reasons to tell them. Readers subscribe to your blog, blog updates, what information can they get? What are the real benefits of those registered users? They need to be made clear at the invitation. Look at the following three invitations, which should be presented to your readers.

"subscribe to get updates on our blog"

"subscribe to get our weekly picks"

"subscribe to a free solution to the WordPress puzzle"

should all choose third, and in fact, readers don’t care about the selection we’ve been spending 10 hours making. They care only about whether their problems have been solved. So when you tell the reader why you subscribe to your blog, tell them something that actually makes sense to them.

three, using social identity


social identity is a good way to get rid of the "fear disorders" at the subscriber’s subscription". I remember when my friend told me to do one thing at college, he would always say, "now everyone is doing this,


it’s actually very useful. If you already have 100500 or 1000 readers, you can tell them when you invite new readers to subscribe to them.


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