Technology SEO entrepreneurship 6 years these years stepped into the threshold experience

is low, but not

high school drop out for various reasons, later joined you have not heard of the class a little fur, website design, ASP development, although know a little, but also in later technology entrepreneurship plays a great role. The first month of 700 yuan. I spent a whole year in the distance from my native land. 1 small workshops, 1 people adhere to a year. During the ASP website development,

artists, ASP programs are their own. That year, I began to teach myself.NET. Bought a book, remember very clearly, go to the bookstore, the door two typesetting, knowledge change destiny, education achievement life". Determined to change the status quo by learning.

was squeezed out of

in the first year of going north

second years of 1000 yuan, came to Beijing to find a job, fortunately interviewed by the first company recorded, or do ASP website development. Technology Department has a project team to do ASP.NET system development, is very want to learn, has no chance, will not install software environment, spent 30 yuan to buy 7 disk, since then officially on the right track. In the work, the most depressing thing is to be looked down upon, the reason may be that no one else as an outsider, their experience is to say to others, the surface is not how you are, the heart is very despise you. After the technical department colleagues have left, I told the project manager for the development opportunity, finally abruptly by a colleague to crowding out, he will not let you do, you can’t go on nature. The man was so jealous that a migrant worker could work with him with almost the same salary. Later, even in the CSDN forum abruptly sent an article on "migrant workers XXXX" was about me no qualifications are not what the example to analyze the reason of current.NET wages at the end, I lost jobs. Not long after this, I was unable to attend school and decided to leave. The supervisor told me something and told me not to talk too much about

the beginning of the dream, decided to learn SEO while


into another company, have the basis of self-study, and slowly grow up, the previous experience, no education, technology is not high, and then go on, or the road is not long, decided to start their own businesses. The project naturally chose the familiar vertical web site, and I learned a lot when I was under the pressure to love technology. JS, CSS development language, experience with the project after 1 years of study, day and night. 07 years, after a year of accumulation, entrepreneurship projects on-line. This is still at work, no professional promotion, no operation, their free post, email, send QQ promotion around the SEO to write an article, 1 years down to accumulated hundreds of registered users, and during the communication between users, to understand what is required by the user, how should I do to the user psychology understand, it is this years of continuous improvement of dynamic user experience.

entrepreneurship is hard

no matter how hard the environment is, the salary is low and the house is small, it doesn’t matter

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