Entrepreneurship is not a normal person to do things only paranoia can have the possibility of succe

Abstract: in the process of entrepreneurship, if there are failures and setbacks, if you don’t stop, there will be hope. All success is to be prepared for those who are not afraid of failure, and to those who are not prepared for failure. Not for those who are thinking of success, because it is a small probability event.

when I choose to start a business, I often encounter this problem. From reading, school, teaching, authorities, this is the same life. Suddenly one day I do business, this time my father is very anxious. I have a lot of practical questions. Say I’m out of the normal orbit. This is even more so today. All the people from the start of the day to you, is to change the way of living, not to make money. Money is just a form, but you changed the way of living.

I met a people who want to start, I told him now in a job, how much money a month, if the business then wage income is not, and the actual problem is that mortgage is very tight, to start only a little money, may not be able to succeed, but I just want to do. What do I do? I said, go back and have a dream. The second day to ask yourself if you want to be true? If you want to be true, then do not think about anything, do it quickly! The dream is very interesting, usually three minutes to say it is not clear, and the five minutes to forget. If you want to speak out five minutes after you wake up, it must be the heart especially want to do. Then you do it. If five minutes later forget, just go straight.

he did not understand, I said, is that you want to now or to the future?.


entrepreneurship is now lost to the future

entrepreneurship is out of the majority of the track, choose a special track of life. In fact, entrepreneurship is also very simple. If you don’t want to get out of a rut, don’t start.

we all know, Ma college entrance examination for several years did not pass the exam, finally admitted to the Department of foreign languages, Hangzhou Normal University, after graduation for five years as an English teacher. Suddenly want to go to Beijing to do business, do a lot of middle small business is not done, after the failure to climb the Great Wall, the Great Wall is not a true man, vowed to do in the Great Wall on one of the world’s greatest company. Now only ten years, actually became. Why did he succeed? It is because he changed and ordinary people are not the same, he is no longer a teacher, not nine to five, no lectures in the classroom, he began to do business.

out of all the way, is certainly no social security, the security is gone, and then to do this thing, although no death. As a result, the matter slowly. It is now the world’s greatest company. The company is now how much it? According to the market value of the world’s top ten, the future may enter the top five. How many companies around the world I do not know, but there are 1000 private companies in china.

so I want to say

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