That betrayed membership fees model Jet the domestic B2B B2C electricity supplier what is the sig (hereinafter referred to as Jet) by the Chinese attention, there are two reasons: first, Alibaba investment, and the buyer has to pay membership requirements. Jet significance of the domestic electricity supplier, respectively, from the B2C membership fee mechanism reference, the impact of B2B, as well as Ali investment evaluation of the three parts to determine.

1, the status quo of Jet first introduced

Jet canceled the beginning of the on-line membership fees established

, the member of the B2C, which uses membership fees and offers free promotions for three months before the line, has renounced membership in the third months that are not over yet. In the original membership fee mode, Jet has the following statement on its own business model: by 2020, Jet will have only 15 million paying members, membership fee revenue will reach $750 million, which will be the core of the Jet source of profit.

has announced an exemption from membership fees, while Jet has launched a 20% discount offer to attract new customers through price promotions. One reason for the cancellation of membership fees comes from the judgment that most users do not need a 15% discount, and that a 4%-5% discount is enough to meet customer needs.


Jet really cheaper than Amazon,


according to price data company Boomerang Commerce statistics, Jet and Amazon common products, Jet pricing is cheaper than Amazon as high as 94%. Furthermore, the price of Jet is 27% lower than that of Amazon in the comparison of 200 different commodities. And according to another price comparison of, after choosing a series of commodities, the price of Amazon is 87.67 dollars, and the price of Jet is 54.37 dollars.

Users of

Jet focus on millennials (1980-2000 year old). These users are young, digital natives, and brave new technologies. According to BI Intelligence’s research data, older customers earn more than new customers in Jet.


Some unique preferential policies for


1) because Jet has many vendors, if customers buy more goods from a vendor on Jet, they will get an extra small discount;

2) if the customer does not use the free return option at the time of settlement, he will also receive a small discount;

3) and part of the settlement of the same concessions, such as Visa card settlement may be better than Discover card settlement;

4) purchasing in a store on Jet (such as Apple, Gap), customers will be returned, >

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