Original want to say love you is not easy

I believe that every webmaster want to original, but there are many webmaster to original? Here I’ll tell you a fact: not your ability is not good, but you can’t let your site original.

recently, a read many articles about website promotion, we are invariably referred to the original, such as the original how important? How to original? How the original work and so on?. I want to think, the original is good, but you can not original content of the site, it is difficult to say, it depends on how your site is located.

The Internet information innumerable now

, most people do not know where to start, if you can rationalize these mixed knowledge, through their own processing, refining the total, then congratulations, this is everybody’s long-awaited original article. Maybe you think it’s easy. Do not know if you have not pay attention to the original site, what type of site? In fact, these sites are in technology, marketing and operation of these sites are senior people in the industry, they have a wealth of practical experience, seasoned veteran, for them. The original is a summary, xinshounianlai, writing, most people read after feeling very naturally, you just didn’t have the same level? In fact, we need not doubt yourself, not your ability is not good, the level is not enough, but I have limitations of the website, is it determines the content of the original.

as for the reason, take my le Fang for example. Shiny cards, the content on the website from the Internet 100%. I suffer! I am depressed! I do this station is Gonzo aspects, these things, you also want to own in any case not out of the world, Nothing is too strange.?. Even if your imagination how superior, and even if can not think of Obama is Sun Zhongshan alumni, there are hairless cat in the world, someone with urine fish, and so on. Original, really, is not easy to love you! Although Le Fang most of the content from the Internet, but compared with similar sites, 90% of the content is not the same. On the one hand is the choice of their own choice; on the other hand is pseudo original, people have a bit of a title, I rarely copy, and in content, often to join their own thinking, especially in the beginning. These methods, the effect is very good, afraid you laugh at me, Google has included all pages of my.

since we can not be original, then imitate original. Fortunately, the search engine can also flicker now, and then I don’t know what it looks like. Otherwise, the original imitation is dead. The title of the party’s movement with vigour and vitality has never been stopped, the cop-out is the webmaster about the extraordinary as if done by the spirits, so we cannot become the imitation of the original original webmaster choice. Although it is not really original, but we still do, with the fastest speed, the best content to pass to the most suitable crowd. It’s not easy to be a webmaster, especially the webmaster now, just like a small one in feudal society

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