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do so long, has been chipping away! Everybody does website, to search engine love again and hate! Most webmasters have been in the optimization of what. My website also does not have what optimize, with its nature, love drop drops. Now the day IP is almost 2000-4500, and PV is mostly over 60 thousand, so far the highest is 120 thousand PV, and this is not my old visitor. It’s not how much traffic the search engine comes in every day, but instead of searching for more than 200 IP, it’s definitely the result of a daily effort, as long as you’re willing to take the time.


my flow almost five points from the network. Spend 2-6 hours to some good articles to the network of major collections, have seen the website all know that my collection of code on top of the whole station! Both the main station and the sub station are the same, so that some visitors see the content will also be collected. Having made so much in the collection, every day I look down the road and know what attracts people’s attention.

after a period of time, then slowly reflected from the network to flow are fixed in the following sub station. Energy-saving (PIC) starting point novel authorization (Book) free movies (MOV) so you can now have to send it to feed several sub stations, but other sub stations will choose some good articles. Once you add or top, today you can giggle!

this way is only suitable for the trouble, after all, fanchon is not sent in batch, to an article slowly, this time will feel very long!

has not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired spirit, flow naturally increased!

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