Operation WeChat public platform service number three experience

WeChat is the next QQ developed by Tencent Inc another chat mobile phone software. According to incomplete statistics, WeChat has 600 million users, such a huge user base, for network sales, is undoubtedly a huge gold mine. How to make WeChat generate value for us, each person and each company’s approach is different, today does not discuss how to produce value, only talk about using WeChat public platform for their web site services.


, let’s first see what the WeChat public platform is. WeChat is a public platform function module on the basis of a new Tencent Inc in WeChat, through this platform, individuals and businesses can create a WeChat public number, text, pictures, voice and realize and specific groups of the full range of communication and interaction. WeChat public platform subscription number and service number, the enterprise three platform for media activities using public account platform, is simply one of many media activities, such as business applications through WeChat public service number to achieve display micro official website, micro community, micro membership, micro push, micro payment, micro activities, micro registration, micro micro sharing, etc. can also be part of name card, light application function. Has formed a mainstream online, offline, WeChat interactive marketing. To 2014, the opening of WeChat public platform account has more than 6 million.

walnut circle public service platform operations until now (about 5 months now) has more than 4500 users, these users are Wenwan enthusiasts, have very strong viscosity. Operation WeChat public platform service number, I summed up three points:

1. The value of information

since we want to provide content for the user, so as to cultivate customer loyalty, then we will give users real valuable information, can not provide without any meaning or cause the user objectionable information. What is valuable information? Before we provide information, we first need to know what kind of information our users need. Such as walnut ring is facing the general public platform and Wenwan man playing walnut enthusiasts or related groups. We can provide the corresponding information when we think about the information needed by our users.

every day we choose the high quality information from the Forum on Walnut ring is provided to the user, allowing users to understand the public forum through the WeChat platform, through the link up to participate in the forum, as a result, the formation of a good cycle. This information, through the sharing of the personal WeChat platform, has attracted a large number of loyal users for the forum. Promote the development of the forum. In the public platform, we publish and Wenwan related information, such as: Wenwan walnut history, hands on development, acquisition of Thuja content hard. We must not publish anything vulgar, such as: "what about the family who sees the content of the group without going to the circle of friends?" and, for example, "seeing the content forwarded to the circle of friends will make a fortune."." I wonder if the person who forwarded the content to the circle of friends is

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