See how use Baidu to know how to serve me

today with a different mood came to the web site published this article, in fact, to tell the truth, this is my first time to write, ha ha, ~


Baidu knows this, certainly all of us is not strange, it is let us nerds, a place of learning, the network can help you to find a friend is really difficult, but there is a ‘know’ that we are no longer alone, let us more knowledge ~ I used to love there is a problem to know which questions, many netizens are eager to help you. And today I’m talking about how to use Baidu know, improve our website traffic and PR value. Now it’s not easy to be a good website, music, movies, websites, news, QQ spaces, and so on." The Internet is a grasp of a lot, you say what is not how to make a grassroots development, to tell the truth a little basic development space did not bubble in stationmaster net has been for several months, it is the basic daily article, then finished his summing up, now the development of a web site if you too much we don’t have. A few weeks ago in the webmaster nets read an article, is also a webmaster write experience.. To tell you the truth, it’s good to write. Yes, there is the one written by wang. These 2 articles give me great inspiration,


, here’s my website. [girl] 123 Chinese network ( is the largest repository of knowledge (bragging point ^_^) [123 girl, the latest news, the automobile era, the network reds, standing in the news, the latest movie, Wangzhuan experience, computer network, sports, fashion, electronics, Car Buying car, beauty / weight / makeup, music, games,]

is now the Internet every day to encounter problems, problems encountered in life, I will go to know questions, on the basis of this, the essence of which so directories are collected over to my own website, Baidu know question is original, the search must first row, I to reprint, I do two dealers I ranked second, Baidu 3. you 7 me. Baidu, you take 100IP, I take 30IP.. That’s enough for me. Baidu’s authority is high.. My article turn behind his bread, I also paid a "white-collar"! When the site has a little improvement, we can open a forum for our lovely old customers and new customers to ask questions, just like what what needs the webmaster forum, I have. Give this! Grab Baidu guest, grab you a day, one hundred days I will rob you of one hundred. Baidu knows, you said, with you, I can not cattle? Oh, yes. Website template using Admin5, because too fond of the first borrowed, Wang you will not mean it. Whistling ~PS: small station just built, also ask big brother, elder sister, sisters to the small station did connection, I can be grateful ~ ~!


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