Some thoughts on domestic stationmaster station

recently put up, the IP of the non mainstream station. But ultra low GG hits and the unit price lets me be depressed. Work hard to do the IP relative to other types of stations, it seems so worthless. So I’ve been thinking about how to make these IP more valuable.

pull away a bit, say a few Webmaster Station feeling.

286: behind the popularity of Wang, I do not want to say more about it. But to feel his strong popularity is not getting into cash.

51la: more than half of the small and medium-sized webmaster have used, or use 51la bar, personal feeling, in fact, 51la statistical service is not make money or lose money. However, Jiang can use 51la to play purple Tian brand.

A5: I admire the king. I also feel that A5 is one of the most distinctive websites in the webmaster class. uses its own weight, popularity attracted a large number of webmaster to this platform to share their experience, to promote their website. Intermediary services have also formed an authority in the webmaster trade. I want to figure the king benefited from.

relative to Chinaz and other Webmaster Station, I feel that the king is made a feature. Earn money that others have not earned.

it’s the same thing, I said. There are tens of thousands of people who are developing stations now. IP is less Yiliangbaiduo Jiwanshijiwan. But no one has the feeling of being special. Depending on how much advertising money I earn from the current alliance, I think there should be no shortage of white-collar jobs. Less, more or less, may earn a little money. But if you don’t learn, you can figure out another way. The head is actually a garbage station. So, still doing non mainstream station friends, I should stop and think of a way out of the road.

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