The essence of nternet recruitment market in fact is the electricity supplier but they will not be

after the Spring Festival, immortals homing; Jingzhe season, spring thunders, all germination. The Internet workers quit season, squander end year-end bonus, bid farewell to the stingy boss, job seekers to find another piece of the new world. It’s one of the biggest waves of the year for companies with vertical recruitment in the internet.

"recruitment day" is the double 11 online recruitment industry

therefore, in March, the company has become a line of new functions in the industry, to do the focus of the promotion of hot time. This week launched their "national hook quit month" activities, known as the "one hundred thousand offer", in the Zhongguancun subway station, subway line 10 car can see the hook advertising; Zhou Botong on-line "where" job hopping to Spring Rush wars, covering O2O, Internet finance, online education, online travel a number of special air; which to work up "your life duang~duang" slogan, launched the "talent acceleration plan" to help seekers quit.

this operation makes me think of electricity providers, Internet recruitment day reminds me of the double 11 shopping carnival, the operators to create Ali festivals help Alibaba firmly secured first place in the electricity supplier, the successful completion of the education Chinese users of online shopping habits. In the double 11 online shopping before, for many people is still very aeriality.

Internet vertical recruitment situation is now very similar to the year, the current entrepreneurs talk about the most problems, or "we are generally used by headhunters, friends looking for work, rather than recruitment sites."." Therefore, ready-made "holiday marketing" case has become the recruitment industry textbook, one can complete the user to move to online education, recruitment; the one hand to the Internet recruitment vertical influence spread to the industry. In December last year had launched the "Internet hook recruitment week", when new Internet enterprises 1500 new users, more than 50 thousand people. Zhou Botong launched the "recruitment Festival", won the response of more than 3000 start-up companies.


the essence of Internet recruitment is actually electricity supplier

continue to compare the electricity supplier industry and the current vertical recruitment of the Internet, they will find that the gameplay has a striking similarity. In the pull hook net CEO Ma Delong’s eyes,

The core logic of

‘s recruitment is trading and services.

, he said, "hiring is the process of sifting through information about people and businesses, and it’s a process of choosing." What the platform side needs to do is to ensure the integrity of the information, establish the reputation system of both sides of the transaction, and formulate reasonable rules of the game. Online recruitment practitioners are currently trying to solve the drawbacks of the traditional recruitment website, recruitment mode with the lack of authenticity, miscellaneous information, job seekers are weak and so on.

in Taobao, Amazon, etc.

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