Hubei voted 30 million to help college students no longer worry about venture capital

as long as the entrepreneurial passion, as long as there are creative electronic, should pay attention to entrepreneurship of college students in Hubei, to support the policy class awesome help to solve the problem of venture capital, the specific content of Xiaobian to go!

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, business support objects, mainly full-time college students, and graduate within 3 years of full-time graduates of colleges and universities (including junior college students, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students) in Hubei Province, the founder of independent enterprises, self-employed or engaged in agricultural cooperatives, and registered according to law, obtain business license entrepreneurial projects. College graduates in the University of entrepreneurship and returned to college graduates, but also can be used as an object of support.

in providing financial support at the same time, the support will be equipped with a business mentor for key projects, the implementation of "one to one entrepreneurial guidance; provide entrepreneurship training for undergraduate poineering project incubation, project financing and policy advice exchange service.



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