Li Tong concerned about the elderly customers do business

people of different ages, for the owner, the service should be provided naturally vary. They say they want to do the business of the old, but it’s not easy to be an old man. They usually live frugally, consumption is relatively rational and prudent. To attract and retain them, it is necessary to maintain the relationship for a long time. In the author’s customers, there is such a person, he used a special service to win the trust of many elderly customers.

shop owner named Li Tong, is the town of Ming Hubei Yifeng Yuan’an County Department of Commerce shop. Renruqiming, Li Tong character and honest, honest, enthusiastic people, show common near the old habit, called him "know-all".

Lee Tong hand has a thick memo: which elderly people have high blood pressure, which the elderly have diabetes, which the old man should change the gas, which the old man’s cell phone and problems…… There are detailed records inside. Although business matters is tedious, but Li Tong for the old people busy figure always appear in front of everyone’s eyes. Behind this memo, there are a few stories.

Zhang is out of town on a stubborn old man, do things rarely listen to the advice of others persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. In the course of contacts with him, people become less and less, his character became the "odd".

Zhang uncle home close to Li Tong’s shop, he often buys some salt back. Although Lee wanted to pass near with him is a helpless Uncle Zhang, "don’t come near me" attitude, let Li Tong is about to speak, but saying nothing.

one day, Zhang uncle bought a bag of salt after the wallet on the cashier. Li see rare opportunity, quickly picked up the wallet came to the house of God, knocking his door.

"Hey, where’s the video button? I can’t find it……" At the door, Lee Tong heard Uncle Zhang’s voice. The door is not locked, Zhang uncle a person in the living room anxious circle. Lee motioned to send the wallet. Uncle Zhang didn’t take a big tube, fiddling with mobile phone.

later, Li Tong finally hear the promise of something. Originally, Zhang uncle’s granddaughter wanted to talk with him, but he did not know how to operate.

look at Li Tong stood aside for a long time, he just ask for help…… Uncle Zhang with his granddaughter video happy appearance, so that Li Tong can not forget for a long time.

days later, Li Tong more concerned about the elderly near the shop, slowly accumulated a memorandum". Hard work pays off, more than Zhang uncle, there are more elderly people to open their hearts to lee.

it’s not easy for a shop to get recognition from the old, but it’s not like we think

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