What is the name of the shop name

named work say simple, it is very difficult, most of the time, our shop name only with the more principle, is a truly successful name. In fact, we open shop, shop to play a good name and celebrity with the stage name to their packaging is a reason. Want to establish a brand, it is necessary to be able to accurately convey the connotation of the brand to consumers, so as to make the brand more refined and with affinity.

business shop does not necessarily sell the famous goods, more sellers is the choice of some unknown goods, this time to set up their own brand will depend on a good name, this name will become a synonym for consumers to recognize you, a brand that belongs to you the.

is a simple, easy to remember

a simple, easy to remember the name of the shop can be more efficient to remember, only people remember to play its recognition and dissemination functions.

1, simple and simple name is easy to spread.

2, the name of the shop to have their own unique personality, try to avoid confusion with other brand names.

3, the new name is fresh, to catch up with the trend of the times, to have the concept of innovation.

4, since it is the brand is loud, but also easy to open mouth, pronunciation is difficult to use the word is best not to use.

two, suggesting that the attributes of the product

a good shop name can imply that their products have what performance and use, brand positioning is to establish brand strategy.

three, brand association

is the name of the shop in the shop or a commodity brand name should contain the product or are you related to the meaning, so that consumers will be able to associate a name from the product, but also can generate cognition and preference for a brand from.

since it is the name of a shop, at least let consumers know through the name of such a shop in the end what kind of sale, so as to be able to make the shop’s growing popularity. So, if you open a shop, do you know how to name the shop now?

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