nvestors talk about Luo Yonghao appreciate him but will not give him a penny

Luo Yonghao

enters the arena. Founded hammer technology in the first year, Luo Yonghao is the management of the company. In a Saturday’s meeting, Luo and his product managers are from a discussion to another problem, but no agreement can be reached. "Who is the meat in the fridge?" Luo Yonghao said suddenly. All people are shocked. "I saw a piece of raw meat in the refrigerator, there should be no meat in the fridge." He speaks faster. Scene suddenly embarrassed. Finally, Luo point a colleague’s name, let him to find out the source of meat, and tell the company is not put raw place refrigerator.

"if we build a product to have feelings, have artisan spirit value, the value is greater than the company’s own business value, the success of the company value to society."

| Song Wei Wen

43 year old Luo, Liu fluffy, look carefully, most of the time in your company it is difficult to see his smile. He was always wearing a black shirt, and he was asked why he was wearing the same clothes every day.

early, his enemies, starting two times, once was shut down, an initiative to give up. In May 2012 he set up a hammer Technology Co., Ltd., entered the highly competitive smartphone market. Now he sits in his big gray paint brush with conference room, he was preoccupied by some troubles on the details, critical and harsh to an intolerable degree.

once Luo found a software development process than expected three days later, he sought to be furious, software engineers questioned, software engineer explained that because the prototype of late. He is also called to the person responsible for the prototype, he questions the other excuse, ablaze with anger, LCD delay leads to late prototype. Luo did not give up, he said to each other to find the person responsible for LCD, and this is not his fault, blame LCD generation plant delay.

he couldn’t find the answer, everyone said it was someone else’s fault. "Finally exhausted, called a pass away." His partner, hammer technology CTO Qian Chen said.

in the beginning, Luo in many aspects like a layman. "One-way output flows, but when you want to confirm something with him, he doesn’t give you a chance to cut in. You want to give him your topic. In fact, companies pay attention to the interaction." Money morning said, in the early days, people often have a nervous Luo Lu legs. This action was later written on the old piece, micro-blog.

the vast majority of people do not know how to learn to become a CEO luo. In the period of bullog.cn, his partner thinks he is a dictatorship and self-willed managers, and eventually he and part. In accepting the "financial" interview with reporters, he talked about old things.

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