The achievements of the construction of three strong province in Anhui during the past five years

economy in the process of rapid development can not be separated from the correct guidance, especially the current situation of the province’s economic development than the country, there is still a certain gap, so it is necessary to improve the rational planning. On the afternoon of October 30th, the delegation of Lu’an seriously discussed the report of the provincial Party committee. Tang Chengpei, Sun Yunfei representatives to participate in the deliberations. The delegates agreed that the report is ambitious, the theme is clear, clear objectives, strong measures to guide the future development of Anhui action guide.

Sun Yunfei representative said that the report has a strong ideological, strategic, contemporary, creative and practical. Specifically, first, the development of impressive achievements. A comprehensive summary of great achievements in five years of construction of our province "Three Province" and the undertakings made, with groups of data, a display of honor in various fields to achieve a major leap.

two is the experience of enlightenment. Five years of work experience of "the" must be summed up in the "six must", has a strong practical, revelatory and replicable.

three is planning the future stirring. A loud will break a new path, decisive victory of the all-round well-off society, the total orders for the construction of green innovation coordination open sharing of beautiful Anhui and strive for the goal clear sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height. Four is the bright future moving people. With eight efforts to promote and an in-depth advance, the deployment of the system in the next five years focused on the direction and tasks. As long as we work together, work together to develop ideas into work initiatives, to implement the strategic decision for specific actions, the development of Anhui is full of hope, the prospect of unlimited.

Pan Dongxu representative said that the report reviewed the past and seek truth from facts, plans for the future, and fully endorsed the report. Report repeatedly mentioned the old liberated areas, especially the old liberated areas, fully reflects the care and concern for the old liberated areas of concern, fully embodies the great emphasis on poverty alleviation work. As the old secretary of the county, will earnestly study the spirit of the report and implement publicity, to promote poverty alleviation, never let a poor people left behind, to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation as a contribution.

Liu Aiwu representative added that the report is clear, clear path, clear measures, is a good report to push forward. We will seriously study publicity, and combined with the actual implementation of the actual set of leaves.

Anhui five years of "Three Province" construction, cannot do without the people’s solidarity, cannot do without the effective guidance of the local government, only by adhering to the right development path for development in the future, in order to better enhance their own economic strength. In the proposed development, one is to promote the development of benchmarking, efforts to highlight the positive effect of the adjustment of administrative divisions; the two is to expand characteristic industry, to create an important national industrial base Home Furnishing; the three is to create a special city, building livable industry new city area. To participate in the meeting to discuss the same day, Liang Guojin, Chen Jian

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