These six points teach you how to introduce passenger traffic

deal with people in the industry, is nothing more than a rationale to introduce consumers to come to terms of consumption, the term is called traffic, only a certain amount of consumption in order to bring the flow of income, which is the most essential thing in the industry. Food and beverage industry is even more so, the consumer is bound to customers. There are two kinds of flow: natural flow and inlet flow. These two points are very important in the process of food marketing.

natural flow to see the location of

is the natural flow of customer came in, the key lies in the natural flow of the store location, good location of the stores on weekdays passing people, when there is a demand will naturally think of your home stores, the geographical position is fixed.

so when the location of the store to be considered, a lot of stores have installed a flow counter, the number of traffic per day can see.

target customers look around

another point is around the customer group, is near the shopping mall, building or residential, recency, residential rent level, roughly understand that age near the crowd, whether to match your store products, is also near the target customers to observe.

has attracted neat exterior

when people walked from the front of your home, at most stores a little more windows and external decoration, now a lot of stores all the settings into glass windows, as is attractive at the door put on clothes or decoration, this kind of customer demand has attracted.

so the external decoration must spend some effort to find some attractive patterns or materials, glass, then, a smooth mirror, flashing light is essential. Now there is a little neglected, that is, the last floor of the door decoration, I do not know if you see no, vivo, oppo door is often spread in front of the cloth shop.

holidays without promotion

do not know if you are not feeling, as long as you open Tmall’s XX Shopping Festival, there is always a promotion, double 11, double 12, this way, in fact these festivals are made out of Tmall, in order to allow customers to pay only, because people tend to feel that, at the time of the activity cheaper than usual, so often the promotion.

promotional posters, one hand

promotional publicity must be in place, such as a cell phone, if you do the same day, you can be in this street

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