Six major problems in the failure of the food and beverage industry

many people know, the catering industry is a country’s enduring industry, people’s life cannot do without eating, so investment catering industry is a never off-season industry, but some investors clearly have a very good restaurant in the process of the project, but the investment made a lot of trouble that lead to business failure, let us see what is the six largest investment conditions catering industry failure.

in China, there are tens of thousands of hotels and restaurants opened every day, there are tens of thousands of restaurants closed, almost every one of their boss opened restaurants have good vision, but the actual operation can be quite different. We analyze the summary of the food and beverage business failure of the six major diseases:

paranoiaSupreme talent, insight, value, power, knowledge, identity and so on

inconstant in policy contradictions, let employees know what to do. Who knows the boss which sentence is true? The so-called no joke, say that you can’t discuss it. Small and medium restaurants to see their own reality, do a good job.

night blindness


clearly tell the customer, a collection of 12% off, but in the hands of customers, has become a 2% off. He also drinks: What one says is plausible. do not discount, do not discount the seafood, the staple food is not discounted……. The vast majority of catering enterprises, do is repeat business. Customers can not be deceived.

and business positioning is not accurate, do not know what the customer needs? Don’t know what you sell? The simple view of complexity and so on are wrong proof performance.


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