Outdoor store is very important to choose the site

in recent years, outdoor sports become a kind of fashion, the outdoor industry also gradually heat up, through the interview to insiders, reporters learned that the global outdoor sports industry annual turnover of $about 15000000000, China is still in the initial stage, thus, a huge market space.

The location method of

1, the city center area: this area is general commercial center, downtown, commercial activity, good business atmosphere, this location is the so-called "land", we all know that the retail store is the most important position in the center of the city, the flow of update soon, if the flow of goods is slow. May not sell in the dress before out of date, this is the shop on the downside to the city center.

2, convenient transportation areas: convenient transportation is the first condition of consumer shopping, generally speaking if. There is a bus stop near the shop, or the customer can walk 15 minutes in the shop.

3, the area with high population density, because the market = population + purchasing power, given the consideration of both, we have to consider the purchasing power of the residents in this area.


4, more traffic, in the streets, traffic, visit the store customers is relatively more, but to consider the street traffic, and some terrain or traffic influence, for some traffic, because of traffic, traffic is to work place. Is not very good choice sports clothing store address.

5, the similar shops gathered together blocks for sports apparel this kind of goods, if can be concentrated at the same location is "simple" or blocks, is more conducive to business management, because of similar goods shop a lot, it is best to form sports goods such as a street, customers have more opportunities for comparison and selection here, but it is easy to form a circle, can attract more customers, increase business and flow of people in a certain extent.


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