Jiangsu oil prices rise again driving ten thousand kilometers increased 1260 yuan net

in our daily lives, the car has been gradually gaining popularity, we can see the car on the road everywhere, with the majority of the owners of the car is also very concerned about the price of gasoline. Provincial Price Bureau, 14, announced that the day when the price of refined oil rose from 24, gasoline and diesel prices were raised by $435 per ton, $420. After the price adjustment, Jiangsu consumers use the most 92# country V gasoline and 0# country IV diesel, respectively, up 0.35 yuan per liter, $0.36 to $6.39 and $5.98.

the magnitude of the increase in oil prices over 5%, not only for the 2013 implementation of the new maximum price of refined oil since the biggest adjustment, but also the largest increase since September 2012.

lung Chung Petrochemical Analyst Li Yan said that the recent organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reached an agreement with Russia and other non OPEC producers for the first time in 14 years with cuts insured, the promotion of international crude oil prices hit a nearly a year high Wednesday, New York crude oil futures prices above $52, in accordance with market expectations, this round of cuts the insured or allow the international oil prices reached $60 in the next level, therefore, short-term international oil prices still has upward momentum.

Jiangsu oil prices rise again, you need to buy a car in the past how much money to burn oil above it? After the implementation of the price adjustment, the province’s private owners to fill up the tank 50L need to spend more than 17.5 yuan, a large logistics and transportation vehicles per average fuel costs will increase by about $1260 per trip of about $ten thousand. The next round of domestic oil price adjustment window will open on December 28th, is expected to continue to increase, and increases in the range of 100 yuan / ton, which means that this oil price or to the three rising ending.

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