Zodiac monkey commemorative coins issued a face value of 10 yuan online booking

2016 Zodiac monkey commemorative coins were issued by the major banks on Saturday, the face value of 10 yuan, the number of customers to apply for the reservation of the second installment of each person to apply for a limit of 10.

the ordinary commemorative coins is published in "the people’s Bank of Chinese", "10 yuan", the Chinese phonetic alphabet "SHIYUAN" and the year "2016", lined with flower pattern shading. Back to the king pictorial a traditional decoration monkey, overlooking the top hand; peach shaped lantern and plum blossom pattern, published in "currency left bingshen".

and the first batch of booking is different, second batches of online booking every citizen can make an appointment 10 highest commemorative coins, and the first batch of online appointment only for 5, this requires the general public attention.

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