Ziyang Economic Development Zone to promote the transformation and upgrading of the four positioning

In the course of the development of

economy, many local enterprises in order to adapt to the needs of market development, for their ongoing transformation and upgrading, hoping to effectively promote the development of the economy. So, in the process of economic development in Ziyang, how to promote the transformation and upgrading?

as one of the three finalists in the Sichuan demonstration area, Ziyang open area by the attitude of how to do this demonstration, the practice of national mission? Promote "upgrade", Ziyang open area will play which cards?

positioning high: for the future, will build six base three platform

The rapid growth of

Ziyang economic development zone reflects the development of the western region of the relentless pursuit of development.

Ziyang economic development zone is located in Chengdu and Chongqing "dual core" of the center of the golden line, set up in July 1992, so far, has gone through a full 24 years.

as a provincial Development Zone is located in the western inland, 20 years, Ziyang Economic Development Zone has been working, now, the open area in the area has 10 square kilometers from the original expanded more than 3 times, the main business income to 2015 has increased to 52 billion 860 million yuan, in the province’s comprehensive development zone qualifying the best.

is now the Ziyang Economic Development Zone, is the State Council approved the "Chengdu City Planning" one hundred billion Park, provincial government planning and construction of the "51025" key billion Park, the province’s new industrialization development demonstration base, 10 provincial key development of export-oriented industrial park, is a Sino Korean Innovation Park (Ziyang base) and the core area China Ziyang industrial park.

for the future, through the open area and a higher goal: China and South Korea to build innovation park (base in Ziyang), and Ziyang Industrial Park, the National Automobile motorcycle manufacturing and export base, Western energy and high-end equipment manufacturing base, the new generation of information technology industry base, world-class commercial vehicle production base 6 base (Park).

Demonstration zone and create a national production city fusion demonstration zone, national new industrialization transformation and upgrading of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Construction of national

(· locomotive) 3 demonstration base of industrial development platform, realize the upgrading of national economic and Technological Development Zone, built in the industrial district, Ziyang Metro City to build the core growth pole of economic development goals 3.

to 2025, the total industrial output value of the park will reach 220 billion yuan, the main business income exceeded $250 billion, the proportion of high-tech industrial output value accounted for the proportion of the park concentration reached 95%.

pattern for the big: for the world, will create the main position of the inland open frontier


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