The food business should pay attention to the tasting link

are aware of the people now pay attention to eat, so, operating a variety of food shops are more and more, however, different business skills, which will have a different impact on the business development of the store. Not long ago, the District opened a supermarket snack food. Supermarket size, decoration is very beautiful, there are many types of snacks, but the store is very cold, there is no new shop opened lively look.

after a shopping experience, I understand that the crux of the problem: this shop selling snacks are weighing the sachet, don’t let customers enjoy, and for new food commodities, many customers often eat only after the purchase behavior. If you do not give consumers taste experience, it is generally not easy to open the consumer pocketbook".

in the food category more and more present, "tasting" part of the sales role should not be underestimated, in addition to let consumers have intuitive understanding of food taste, tasting event or to do a market survey to improve product quality, carry out product promotion, promote the good opportunity of word-of-mouth marketing, businesses can not pay attention to.

of course, tasting event is not a "test" results, to obtain good results, in the activities to pay attention to skills, attention strategy.

first, in the sample when the distribution to set the target object, do not blindly, let the limited sample play the biggest role. For example, a supermarket to carry out Dried tofu tasting events, mainly for children. After many children try to eat, one side of the parents on the spot out of pocket.

secondly, to fully understand the consumer psychology. For example, many consumers aimianzi, business promotion sample should be enthusiastic, but also grasp the sense of propriety, do not let the testers have fear of being considered "love Zhanxiaopianyi" concerns.

again, to pay attention to the health status of the sample. Try not to choose the best point in the dusty place, the best independent packaging, if not independent packaging, can be covered with plastic wrap and with a toothpick and disposable cups, spoons etc.. Sales staff should wear masks, disposable gloves, etc., to minimize the health risks, so that consumers feel at ease.

also can cooperate with "tasting" activities launched a series of promotional activities. For example, to try the merchandising big and conspicuous, launched the "buy gifts, discounts and other activities, to give consumers a better taste at the same time, send out real benefits, promote the sale of goods.

many shops did not provide "tasting" service, because the cost of such a service is not low. In order to minimize the cost, businesses may wish to do joint manufacturers. For example, manufacturers to provide goods, personnel, etc., to provide the venue, with promotions, but also

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