During 13th Five Year Taiwan will usher in the golden period of entrepreneurship

in the just released 13th Five-Year on planning, innovation and entrepreneurship, not only refers to the development of the continent, that will make the Taiwan small and medium-sized enterprises in which the benefit. The development of the cause of innovation and entrepreneurship in mainland China, but also to the other side of the Strait of Taiwan to bring no small incentive, more and more people choose to invest in the mainland entrepreneurship.

A Taiwanese open cake shop across the

"The Belt and Road" venture capital "Internet plus"…… These concepts are now both sides of the young entrepreneurs in the mouth of the hot words. And just released "13th Five-Year" planning proposal "is mentioned again" to promote the well-being of compatriots on both sides, so that more ordinary people in Taiwan, young people and the small and medium-sized enterprise benefit ", it is for the young people in Taiwan and the small and medium-sized enterprise as cheerful as a lark. In the promotion of policy and market, more and more entrepreneurial and innovative, creative, creating from the cross strait together, a new subject, new formats, new power, new patterns emerging, people can not help feeling, the cross-strait youth innovation and entrepreneurship "golden period".

in mainland China, the majority of the market, the Internet application flexibility, innovation vigor; in Taiwan, the third industry deep foundation, especially the outstanding advantages. Collision between the two, resulting in infinite possibilities. The mainland is still in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen and other places to set up 12 cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base, Taiwan is "the creation", "participation in public entrepreneurship, innovation tide, realize their dreams in life and create good conditions. The future, unlimited potential.

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