The traditional catering industry transformation nternet plus humanistic thinking

mobile Internet is a very good time, it makes the market price more transparent, so that consumers have the right to know and comment on the market. Catering O2O as a one hundred billion market scale, it forced the transformation of traditional food and beverage industry. At the same time, the major platforms, such as the United States mission, and did not have to wash Amoy little bit to seize the market. The traditional catering industry in Internet plus peak times, as a conservative, continue to adhere to the survival of the traditional school, or follow the trend of blind followers, or radical pursuit of innovation and personality



Internet plus outlet, the traditional catering transformation

traditional food and beverage companies, not all customers taste, personality and consumer habits to understand, so the focus is on the product. For example, there is a customer order delivery, the first thought is that this takeaway boss must let customers look very delicious, but also beautiful color component enough, and so on, can let the customer satisfaction, and the formation of loyal users. If the boss later found out that the customer did not order their home. He will start looking for a variety of reasons, because the taste does not match, or feel the price is expensive…

look at the Internet catering, the Internet era is the era of digitization, it can make consumers through the surrounding businesses to quickly and accurately find the restaurant and products through the background reviews and scores, and the value of the product and store restaurant Gufen Yan, the fastest to understand the full range of restaurants, from order or reservation, to the final consumer. The enterprise through the background ERP management system, a clear understanding of the user’s spending habits and taste preferences and spending power, the latter to be effective analysis and management. As a regular push to meet customer tastes half price products, through customer integration reached a certain value, giving customers a free love dish, or holiday activities, for customers love to eat vegetables are half price and so on, in order to retain customers, its development will become loyal customers.

compare the traditional catering enterprises catering and Internet O2O, it is not difficult to find, and users in the transaction, in addition to the phone or text messaging tool, and efficient businesses can not communicate with clients, so users do not understand completely, and the user is difficult to find the restaurant that channel, there is a sense of low overall marketing it is difficult to form a closed loop.

In addition to the

shop of traditional food consumption, the consumer is very passive, from the consumer to pay, they only see the menu in the restaurant, we know there is no love to eat food, food prices have exceeded the budget, or to pay when the queue and so on, and whether it is food, choose online booking, or pay the integrated management of the Internet, catering through online and offline, more conducive to the internal cost management of customer service and business depth.

catering O2O: need to have human thinking

no matter how the times change and progress, technology is to make the consumer process more convenient, more comfortable experience, but will not change the dining links, food selection, decision-making, >

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