The first nternet plus Expo to start a global investment in Guangzhou into the main battlefield

some large-scale exhibition of the society now, especially some commercial exhibition, for many investors is a very good opportunity to get rich, at the same time, there are more and more investors are turning to the commercial exhibition.

7 17, China (Guangdong) International Expo "Internet plus" to start a global investment. The Expo is scheduled to be held in Foshan from September 10th to 12, the same period held the world’s second robotics and intelligent equipment industry conference, as well as the Sino German industrial Summit Forum 4. At present, including Germany, Japan Yaskawa robot KUKA global giants have been identified to participate, the robot will account for nearly half of the booth area of exhibition booth.

organizers on the day of the global business news conference said that as the first "Internet plus" as the theme of the national exposition, China (Guangdong) International Expo "Internet plus" is committed to become a world-class "Internet plus" in the World Expo, launched promotional plan, clearly defined overseas exhibitors ratio will not be less than 20%.

Show the second world robot

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