GPS Car Navigator ten brands list the whole

increased the number of cars, so many people buy car navigation, for their own way, this is the GPS Car Navigator enormous space for development, agency of the product market Unlimited Business Opportunities, a good GPS navigation is necessary, the following Xiaobian introduce on-board GPS navigator ten brands list for you, to help entrepreneurs choose a good brand.

GPS vehicle navigation which is good, GPS is the English Global Positioning System (global positioning system). GPS began in 1958, a U.S. military project, put into use in 1964. 1970s, the United States Army and Navy jointly developed a new generation of satellite positioning system GPS. With the popularity of high-end consumer goods such as cars, mobile phones, China is becoming one of the fastest growing global positioning navigation system (GPS) industry.

Jia Ming Garmin: founded in 1989, the global positioning and navigation system of well-known brands, committed to the design and development of GPS products, Beijing Jia Ming Aviation Technology Co., ltd..

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: car navigation industry influential brand, domestic space information leading enterprises, listed companies, high-tech enterprises, Beijing Unistrong Polytron Technologies Inc.

constant DEC: in 1994, GPS navigation equipment ten brands, is committed to digital technology R & D and manufacturing sales, domestic well-known enterprises, Beijing Heng Heng Industrial Technology Group Co., ltd..

Walker: one of the leading GPS terminal equipment manufacturers, the industry has more R & D level of manufacturers, high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen City Pacific Century exhibition Technology Co., ltd..

Newman Newsmy: Beijing famous trademarks, high-tech enterprises, China’s digital industry well-known brands, the field of electronic digital leader, Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., ltd..

conqueror Radareye: specializing in GPS and radar warning devices, such as product development and design company, Xiamen Rui Yi Technology Co., Ltd., under the Taiwan Rui Yi Technology Co., ltd..

e Road: innovative consumer electronics companies involved in the production of automotive electronics / R & D / sales / logistics and other fields, Guangdong Yuanfeng Electronic Technology Co., ltd..

through TomTom: in 1991, Holland, the world’s leading high-end navigation products brand, one of the more innovative consumer electronics brands, Tong Teng navigation technology (China) Co., ltd..

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