The fourth China nnovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Sichuan Division carried out smoothly

now governments in order to promote people’s entrepreneurial activities have held some can attract entrepreneurs to participate in entrepreneurship competition, at the same time, to pick out the ability of some entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship competition which focus on training.

2015 August 12th, the fourth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Sichuan Division) pre training will be held in Chengdu. The organizing committee invited from Sichuan Hao investment Cci Capital Ltd, Kunlun branch president Ding Yao venture partners, Ping Chengdu Yingchuang Power Investment Company Limited Partner Yu Yi and the previous contest winning business representatives Feng Rui served as the training instructor will, training from the finalists defense skills and business counseling, help them better to complete the final preparation. A total of more than 230 people from the participating companies and teams participated in the training.

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after the meeting, each team to participate in the training, put questions to the teacher, teachers in the business model design, defense skills roadshow provided many useful suggestions, reflecting the strong professional. The enterprise and the team have said the actual case of entrepreneurial trainers explain the combination of innovation, benefit.

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