Three new board of education more than 100 companies have made a big noise

benefit from the new three board policy favorable, three new board of education sector has developed rapidly, the high frequency of corporate education board hanging, strong profitability, attracting capital from overseas return to the new board on the big cake. However, the listing of three new board enterprise quality is uneven, there are significant differences in financial conditions. Specific to the business index, which is the most successful


three new board over the past two years was fired more and more fire…

of education companies, compared to the deserted overseas markets, overseas trading in the domestic education enterprise valuation is low for a long period, the average PE is about 20, while the domestic capital market, a large number of RMB funds to look at fiercely as a tiger does this education, part of education related businesses more than 80 times earnings, although the new third market liquidity is relatively high however, the capital of enterprise valuation but not stingy. Coupled with relaxed policy environment, financial threshold is low, the approval time is shorter, the procedure is relatively simple, flexible financing and so on, to further reduce the threshold for the listing of education companies, to broaden the choice of enterprises.

in fact, more and more education companies have to get together three new board. This observation as of April 22, 2016, three new board listed company reached 6806, more than the sum of the two stock markets. Among them, the official listing of the new board of education more than 100 companies, in accordance with the classification of listed company management (from the enterprise’s main business is business education and education related revenues of the two level), a total of 33 education companies listed on the new board, the classified information company.

uh huh… Today we look at the monkey with a new board of education enterprise financial index, see if you can put out what interesting information, incidentally, we talk about the possibility of the acquisition of listed companies three new board business.

compared to the other three new board on the industry, the average price earnings ratio of the education industry, the relatively high liquidity.


data source: Choice financial database;

data deadline: April 22, 2016

income of the largest enterprises: China map education

According to the new three board

monkey 33 "professional" education company in 24 has been disclosed in the 2015 annual report, the annual average operating income was 140 million 850 thousand, the sales income of 100 million yuan of 8 companies, namely: China figure education, America online, million child culture, Shang Ruitong music shares, yingding times the education, the tax net shares, blue. The average net profit of 26 million 785 thousand, the net profit of the top 5 companies for her education, yingding education, Tong Wenjiao, America online, Shang billion Rui tong. China map education revenue to 1 billion 358 million 850 thousand yuan topped.


data source: Choice financial database;

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