How to do online business

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e-commerce era, to open a shop but do not know how to do, how to do a good job in the sales? Although the network is virtual, but good sales network more practical than traditional business sales practices in specific, we need to do what it can to the sales network to me? I started to do online sales to this period of exploration about it, I hope we can bring help.

1, the first time that the products associated with your purchase information, contact the purchase business opportunities not timely, et al, in so many details in total for you. There will always be people who will work with you. Don’t lose faith in the one or two unsuccessful phone call. Communicate with customers in a timely manner, because we have such a feeling, some customers tend to be something more urgent, if you do not have the first time to contact him, he may have to go to a separate

2, treat every customer to let the customer feel the same, your company’s standard (because the general network company has a person in charge), companies pay much attention to the customer. Reply to the Advisory questions patiently, and be sure to use polite and respectful tone in reply. In this case, you can make you feel that this factory is more formal

clients timely

4, product releases have skills: product window design of a company is often the first sight of the customer, who upload products must be equipped with a good picture, a good packaging image is the most attractive place, a good picture can let everyone on your brand or product have a good interest, a good picture can let everyone of your products would like to have a detailed understanding of the desire for a good picture so that we can give you the opportunity to sell your product

5, updating product information timely and their trade activity to improve: time to update your product, try to make your product information in front, so buyers will first find you in the search, if you don’t update your information, then it will sink to the old go below. How many people have the patience to page down. But many people will watch the first page of the information that the top products of the company have certain strength. Of course, if you want to publish their own product information before, of course their trade activity is also high, so, when you select in the trade activity when ranking and we will see your first product

6, improve communication skills with customers: This is a university asked, in a word, not to speak, let customers feel your professional, sincere, you feel the strength of the company (the time to

7, note: to have the intention to call "

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