Wiring board ten brands list

Even if the

switch plug installed inside the house more, I believe many people should have an experience of various patchboard or appear in many corners of the room, so the wiring board naturally facing more and more market demand. So, what are the signs? Which brand is good? What brand of wiring board is best? Here, the small series will come to the inventory of those who are the best reputation, the best sales of the ten brands list.

wiring board ten brands list NO.1, BULL bull (Chicago electric was founded in 1995, is the leading professional supplier of high-end switch socket, converter, providing quality products and services at the same time, always for the public to create a more secure environment for electricity. Adhering to the concept of loyalty and loyalty, professional focus on the development of the concept of the bull, not only will be integrated into the professional spirit of the company’s operations in every aspect, but also actively promote the construction of harmonious corporate culture

wiring board top ten brands NO.2, PHILIPS PHILPS (PHILPS), the global leader in the field of health care quality of life and lighting. PHILPS is based on understanding of customer needs and expertise in the shape of Jane’s commitment to the brand, technology and design into a people-oriented solution. PHILPS electronics is one of the world’s largest electronics companies, ranking first in europe. The creation of one hundred years has been committed to innovation, with the tapes, CD, DVD, rewritable 100 Hz TV and many inventions to the world, in the color TV, lighting, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring, and one chip TV products ahead of the world).

wiring board ten brands list NO.3, Huntkey Huntkey (Shenzhen alean electrical Limited by Share Ltd, chassis ten brands, desktop power ten brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province famous brand products, outstanding private enterprises, the deputy director of the Shenzhen Institute of China power, Chinese lighting society member organizations, Chinese PC power supply, the largest production base of home appliances package).

wiring board ten brands list, NO.4 APC (Schneider electric (Chinese) Co., APC, UPS uninterruptible power supply, ten brands, ten brands of server cabinet, founded in 1981, the United States, the world’s leading brand industry, network critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) products provider, one of the world’s largest supplier of UPS).

wiring board ten brands list NO.5, TOP breakthrough (Beijing Tupo Electric Co Ltd, platooninsert sockets – ten brands, specializing in electrical and power supply terminal integrated Internet solutions product investment, R & D, manufacturing, sales, service, famous brand, national high-tech enterprises in Beijing City, Chinese Electrical Industry Association standard the work of the Committee).


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