Women and women were arrested by the police

After graduating from college,

did not work, playing the idea of robbing a prostitute. He pretended to be a prostitute, but after meeting robbed 20 thousand yuan and fled, and escaped in the process of falling. At present, both the robber and the prostitute.

recently graduated from University, Zhang met a 27 year old woman Lee in the online, after the two met Lee Zhang proposed to accompany him to spend the night to give her 1 yuan to 12000. Lee promised to two people came to Lee residence, Zhang threatened with a knife Lee took out nearly $20 thousand to escape. On the way to escape Zhang hurt his left leg, after being arrested by the police. Currently, Zhang was arrested on suspicion of robbery Chaoyang police criminal detention, Lee was arrested for prostitution.

"Zhang seize the prostitutes robbed stolen even did not dare to call this mental implementation of crime, the police, the morning of January 16th, police found the suspect Zhang in Tianjin, Zhang learned on the way to escape a caikong, left leg 3 fractures. Because Zhang action inconvenience, the police called the ambulance will be escorted back to Beijing zhang.

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