What are the types of customers

a customer will choose to come, there will be a variety of reasons, some of the time is entirely casual, while others have a very clear goal of shopping. As the owner, if you can understand the reasons for the customer to come, targeted sales, will enhance the performance of the store. However, for countless shopkeepers, the customer in the end what kind of type is not a sure thing. So, what kind of home customers?

a, occasional customers

retail stores or service stores are often regional, and sometimes even only when the customer passing by the door, to know the existence of this store.

One of the characteristics of the

shop, may cause customers to attract their curiosity and. If the purchase occurs, often non purpose of the purchase, is a random purchase, impulse buying.

two, join the busy customer

shop just opened, or engage in promotional activities, come over the more lively customers. This kind of customers do not buy, most of them do not have a clear purpose, did not intend to buy, casual stroll the majority of the crowd.

three, visit the customer

now more and more savvy customers, like parity purchase, where to buy cheap. Customers no longer believe that buyers "every day low price" slogan, but to see who has promotional activities. Customers are not loyal to a store, but loyal to the price".

four, the required customer

has a kind of customer purchase purpose is very strong, there is a clear plan for the purchase of inventory, generally not empty handed. However, in the actual purchase, the proportion of such customers is not high. Even if the plan is good, may also be temporary.

studies have pointed out that the impulse to buy in shopping malls and supermarkets occupy a considerable proportion of the retail, especially when it comes to specific products, the proportion of up to 80%, and a rising trend. In addition, there is also the phenomenon of impulse shopping online shopping, and even more serious than the traditional channels.

five, do the market survey fake customer

the main object of this customer survey is the sale price of the goods, as well as the store management category, items, as well as promotional activities.

, for example, copy code family often visit the retail stores, they simply do not buy, or just try not to buy, so retailers are very headache. Copy code family from the fitting family once popular, online shopping is the mainstream crowd. They are independent, rational, and

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