Countryside is a treasure house which good projects

is a symbol of rural poverty and backwardness in our traditional impression, is really not what good rural place, a lot of young people in the country are anxious to run outside of the city, in fact, the country is a treasure, a lot of potential projects, here Xiaobian Luo several columns the representative of the project.

a new project to get rich in rural areas: the sale of wood-based panels and building templates rental

Comparison of

industry construction industry in rural areas now booming, engage in artificial board or building formwork rental or sale is money, housing construction cannot do without the board with a set of tools, general rental with a few thousand dollars of income, loss of small, easy to manage. Artificial board is mainly used in some aspects of interior decoration, with the awareness of environmental protection and tending to increase efforts to further reduce the amount of logging. The decline in the amount of wood cut, and the need for wood to make new contradictions. Therefore, manufacturing wood-based panels as raw material, material and material below the foot of wood fiber will be promising.

new project to get rich in rural areas two: cold storage


in rural pig, some areas are basically every family pig, and for the industry, the price of pork market is not very stable, the first problem: the cost of pig production and market is ideal, when raised to slaughter, if the market situation is not ideal, and do a lot of the cost of the need to feed pig breeding and fatigue in this case had to slaughter, thus causing the low rate of return, labor The loss outweighs the gain. pig. If you start a slaughterhouse and a frozen bank in rural areas to solve this problem, when the market is not good when you can slaughter pigs frozen, when the market turns better when the market. Give full play to the effectiveness of resources at the lowest cost input and high returns, which reduces the risk of rural pig market, so the establishment of slaughterhouses and frozen banks in rural areas is of great potential.

new project to get rich in rural areas three: rural development characteristics of the breeding project

with the people’s health of consumer awareness increasing, people pay much attention to the green, especially carnivorous, herbivorous livestock feed crops are carnivorous in coastal areas, China’s Hong Kong and Macao welcome, rural development of green economy culture more optimistic, Si Ma rabbit breeding is a good breeding project, its meat delicate, high protein content, rich in nutritional value, the current market supply shortage. Si Ma rabbit adaptability, low feeding cost, economic benefits, according to the rural culture environment, barren hills, plains backyard, family house can also be fed inside, at present this kind of special aquaculture market potential.

new project to get rich in rural areas four: waste land excavation and construction of fish ponds

fish farming in the past is more common, recommended

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