Why not serve foot shop

pedicure as a typical service industry, many times because the service is not in place, affecting the further development of the store’s business, so that the store earned profits affected. So, business purpose is foot store service, if our service is not good, will directly affect customer satisfaction, endanger the foot store sales results, especially in the competitive environment affect the reputation of the industry to the foot store at a disadvantage. So, why the service shop is not in place?

One of the factors that cause poor service quality of

is bad management.

mismanagement is often the key to decline. China saying if the upper beam is not straight, bad management or loss of management, knowledge management is more to bring the foot store free and shallow is the biggest problem in this industry. No matter how enthusiastic individual employees, she can not change the boss’s personal style, but also unable to change the value of the boss.

does not understand that a service is a special relationship that is built by heart.

if we don’t understand this, we don’t understand the essence of service. Really high quality service is a kind of will from the heart, we are willing to provide customers with services, and from the experience of the greatest happiness. If the foot shop is not happy to do this work, it must not be suitable for you. Other people will be affected by your unhappiness, and no one wants to see an ugly face.

lack of responsibility is the cause of poor service.

girls in groups, and are familiar with, no one willing to be responsible, Hello everyone I am good, the result is a problem can not find the person in charge of an angry boss, made public outrage, but no one is willing to be scolded, the environment is lazy, meaningless, if the foot store has appeared in such a situation, nature is the management there is a problem.

doesn’t know who to serve.

if the service is just a mechanical work, we have no object of happiness. Love our guests, do not look at the guests with a color vision, but not because of the appearance of the guests and even a different look at the private life to compare and distinguish. Guests are guests, they all need to care, care and care. Our voice is gentle to everyone, our hands are gentle to everyone, our heart is caring for everyone, and always make the service of the foot shop the most valuable.

do not know where the benefits of services.

service is to bring happiness to customers, satisfaction, but also can achieve their career. Why do we regard the youth as a kind of industry of foot cure? Is it a familiar old foot

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