Paint the top ten brands list

paint has a very important role in our lives, and the current market has a lot of brands. The ten big paint brands believe that people are very familiar with, the paint can be seen everywhere in our daily life, whether it is the decoration of the house, or paint furniture, paint brand a lot, we have known to every family Nippon Dulux, there are many, I can not know the brand, look at the following small series with paint ten brand rankings.

paint the top ten brands Dulux

won numerous awards, known as green. Dulux anti formaldehyde 5 1 wall paint is a formaldehyde purification function of five super luxury wall paint. In addition to Dulux five have a series of excellent efficacy; cover minor cracks, super scrub, mildew, smell fresh and long lasting, especially to innovation microporous purification and effective decomposition of formaldehyde in the air.

paint Nippon ten brands list

Singapore well-known brands, Chinese and foreign well-known trademark. Nippon Paint is the international famous enterprises, famous brand products: Nippon with his vivid colors decorate the life of the people of the world; in China gradually recognized by the market, become known to every family’s flagship brand.

paint the top ten brands of Carpoly paint

Carpoly paint known as children’s paint, is committed to the healthy growth of children’s new environmentally friendly paint. Carpoly is worthy of the first brand of environmentally friendly paint, it took the lead in the concept of children’s paint, such products can be assured that the use of children, to a certain extent, so that children can grow up healthily.

paint the top ten brands Huarun

Huarun is a famous brand in China, and it is the best brand in china. Huarun is a domestic brand, from the Guangdong area, the use of the most natural materials, advanced processing technology.

paint tree ten brands list

advocate environmental protection, green health as the main purpose. Three trees paint mark skshu paint is a "healthy paint" brand leader, first proposed the "healthy paint" concept, just a few years in the paint A new force suddenly rises. fierce market competition, marketing network has been basically covering the whole country, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian, with offices, won the "China the well-known trademark", "Chinese brand" and other national honors, become the "Shenzhou six, Shenzhou seven only equipped with paint brands".

paint the top ten brands list Dabao

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