Retail operators should not be too blunt to customers

how to speak to customers will be more effective, but this is a lot of shopkeepers need to learn a skill, after all, only a good relationship with the customer, will let the shop business is booming. As a retail operator, business can not be too rigid, to know how to improvise, in order to retain the pace of customers, contributed to the success of the transaction.

especially when talking to customers and has great skills, the same word, can do business experience of the shopkeeper said out look on more comfortable customers, the business will behoove transaction, the customer is willing to support their business as in the past; and some will not do business owner say let the customer to feel uncomfortable, the customer will give up fancy goods to other stores, and naturally do not want to go to their store.

this is the skill of speaking, the same word, for a different angle, so that customers listen to the feeling is completely different, it produces the effect is also different. Because the author also had a few such experience, met a few "rigid" the shopkeeper, so also rarely to visit their shop.

remember when I went to the market to buy food one morning, after a supermarket at the entrance to see her in the stalls of the beans are very fresh, green color. So he went to the booth, intends to buy food in this house just fine, the province to run farther away from the market to sell. I asked the boss how much money a pound, the boss replied to buy 7 yuan a pound, I took a plastic bag began to install.

but when you hold it is found that soybean color is fresh, in fact, particles are not full, a lot of flat. So I have some screening full of soybean, because the general store can be selected, but the boss said her not to choose from, or a scratched into the well, see her so that I thought can pick it out, grab a few is.

but did not expect the boss in the face said at the same time with the stiff attitude by saying: "if you want to pick it to another store bought, anyway, my family is to pick." Hear the words of the boss, directly gave up my idea, I think this attitude is not directly to customers at the door of the festival? I do not have the theory with her, directly put down the plastic bag into the market.

I went to the vegetable market in a shop, a variety of fresh vegetables, fresh and so on in the stalls, when I asked the boss what soybean price, the boss smiled and replied: "today is 7 yuan a pound of beans, very fresh! Much better than yesterday." I also took a plastic bag full of particles will be put into the bag, and the test for the boss said: "these green is very fresh, is that some particles do not full, can choose?"

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