23 year old Peking University to enter the field of football education Entrepreneurship


Chinese football has been criticized, which also led to the height of President Xi, asked to strengthen national football training and education. 23 year old Peking University students to see the business opportunities, but more out of their love for football, decided to choose the path of football education and entrepreneurship training.

Beijing fourth, Peking University Yuanpei College of economics…… Jiang Shenxiong came all the way from the school this year, only 23 years old. This work will be "Internet financial products in China’s impact on the insurance industry analysis and policy suggestions" as the graduation thesis 90 after graduation choose not to go to investment banking, consulting, insurance companies, but chose to start their own business.

"space wing football education coaching team all graduated from Peking University, Tsinghua University, the National People’s Congress or other famous universities, many provinces and cities is not only the champion, team members also have rich experience of training at home and abroad, is worthy of the name of the elite teams. In fact, football and learning is not contradictory, and even promote each other relations. Because football has never been a mere physical and technical exercise, the role of wisdom is not inferior to the above." Jiang Shenxiong said.

"start-up period, there are parents and friends asked why we founded the organization space wing, what is different with the ordinary football club." In the face of such questions, Jiang Shenxiong chose to use the old president of Peking University, Mr. Cai Yuanpei, a famous saying to answer, that is’ complete personality, the first in sports’. The purpose of our business is in China to popularize the football as the carrier, the full personality of idealism education."

on the court, Jiang Shenxiong and other coaches is a role model for kids. Training recommendation

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