13th Five Year make a good beginning to build innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent

two sessions to start, so that all provinces are actively planning the development of the layout. Kunming is more active at the forefront, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, to achieve revenue of wealth. "13th Five-Year" make a good beginning to maintain sustained and healthy economic development, build Kunming innovation and entrepreneurship talent.

thoroughly implement the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the nine session of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to promote the reform and development of the forum and the Kunming municipal Party committee ten plenary session of the seven, the economic work to do in the "13th Five-Year" plan for the start of the year, in the province of Kunming to build the well-off society and speed up the construction of international regional center city is very important.

take development as the top priority, Kunming municipal Party committee, municipal government actively deployed, and made detailed arrangements for innovation, deepening reform and opening up, the adjustment of industrial structure and other key work. The key, from today, the newspaper launched the "13th Five-Year" have a good start, to maintain the sustained and healthy economic development "series of reports, sustained attention to new trends in the economic development of Kunming.

2 2 July, the Kunming municipal economic work meeting, party secretary Cheng Lianyuan at the meeting stressed the need to emancipate the mind, to lead the development of the concept of innovation, and strive to create innovation, encourage innovation, tolerance of failure of the atmosphere, and constantly improve the talent cultivation, introduction and use of machine system, and strive to build Kunming into an innovative talent.


2013, optimistic about the online distance education industry Fan Honglin successfully settled Chenggong District Park, starting from scratch, has now set up a team of 6 users, the development of more than 500 people, the annual income of 1 million 280 thousand yuan last year.

What I have not

"just settled in the park, the park provides office space and support funds for me, two years before the operation of the company, we have the basic Park" menace from the rear are solved." Fan Honglin said, without the support of the park, like me, just out of school students can not be so rapid development."

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