College graduate village official with Guanghe people began online business

Internet entrepreneurial boom swept many rural areas, the college graduate village official system to promote rural entrepreneurs engaged in the Internet business, so that the masses to find a new way to enrich the people.

innovative development model, build a business platform. In accordance with the "Internet plus business", "Internet plus poverty" mode of development, the establishment of college-graduate village official post service station in the electronic commerce center, college-graduate village official clear responsibilities and service object, establish a college-graduate village official contact guidance of a business enterprise, and actively build entrepreneurial practice platform for college-graduate village official. As of now, the county has established college-graduate village official post service business 11, the formation of college-graduate village official entrepreneurship "vanguard" in 3, the establishment of college-graduate village official, unemployed college graduates to liaise with business enterprise 23.

Perfect Bangdai mechanism, promote the innovation of employment. Requirements college-graduate village official is "do the villagers to see" and "with villagers dry", 53 college-graduate village official set up electricity supplier service team, served as the village business promotion, free for the masses to provide information, technical guidance, assist the villagers open electricity supplier service point more than and 30, a "online entrepreneurship".

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