Eight years of real estate selling car selling companies eventually see the potato light

for many entrepreneurs, the first two or three years without any income is likely to give up this business, but for the native peasants, this promising venture he can’t give up, even if Nabe Uritetsuya should stick to it.

by aid laoliang have made great: I have money, a pot of white hair Steamed Buns. There is a meal to eat, the way of thinking, has continued to date. He was 13 years old and 17 year old blacksmith, living away from home, 23 year old northeast.

1978 years, out of town for several years Liang Xisen returned home, contracted 100 acres of land to engage in planting, when revenue of $30 thousand. 1980, Liang Xisen contracted land to earn money to invest in the establishment of a flour mill, when the income of 100 thousand yuan, which he founded the first enterprise. He has gradually set up the hardware factory, cotton mill, cotton mill, building decoration company, established in 1995 in Leling XISEN Group Co. Ltd., 1996 XISEN group building decoration company subordinate loaning 260 million yuan contract on the leader of the Beijing Rose Garden Villa construction.

1999 in July to the first big creditors participate in the auction to the rose garden, 398 million yuan buying success, to become the new owner of the rose garden, the rose garden in June 2000 the new face of the re opening of the park, in July 2001 three rose garden open at the same time, investment in Dezhou and its surrounding areas, the formation of the Ningjin Taihe garden "and annex XISEN Pleasure Island" in July, 400 million yuan investment in the construction of beef cattle breeding, slaughtering and processing project in Shandong Leling. The annual output value at this time Liang Xisen created XISEN group up to nearly four hundred million yuan, and topped the ranks of the top ten private enterprises in Shandong Province in 1996.

2002 in July, Liang Xisen made 42 million out of money, to the village covered by the recommendation of the 13

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