Couples start to earn 30 thousand yuan a month to see how they are successful

now entrepreneurship is a hot topic, there are many successful cases around. Young couple work hard together, small shop to earn 30 thousand yuan monthly! How did they succeed? Let’s listen to their story.

80 couples business, earn 30 thousand yuan a small shop this month! Wang Yinbo and Li Huiyu graduated from the Jilin Agricultural University, two students, are 80, the food professional, but in the fourth before, two people on the bread does not understand, absolutely no contact, fourth, they decided to open a bakery, your own boss.

in the first shop, two people think that every day can sell 1000 yuan of money has been very satisfied, but now every day can sell 3000 yuan, to spend two baskets of egg four or five bags of flour per day, remove investment monthly net income of 30 thousand yuan.

two students present basic salary are thousands of yuan, two personal monthly income way ahead to the rest of the class.



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