Better prospects for artificial breeding ducks

duck is often our delicacy wild duck is a popular delicious duck, venison taste of course more special, if the choice of business culture of wild duck, there should be a lot of income below about the analysis of wild duck breeding can bring benefits and market prospects for everyone, hoping to help.

[benefits] is the result of artificial domestication of wild species of wild duck, also holds the advantages of many wild ducks, resistance to bad environment, the survival rate of artificial feeding, feeding the family survival rate can reach above 95%. Artificial breeding of wild ducks growing fast, in good breeding conditions, generally 60 days of age can reach the weight of 1.2 ~ 1.4 kg, that is to meet the listing or slaughter standards. Feed

[direction] wild duck, from the point of view of the development trend of consumption, individual large wild duck varieties, especially the individual meets the needs of consumers in more than 1 kilograms of wild duck, individual small wild duck is not welcome. In the selection of varieties, in addition to the selection of superior quality, good flavor of the species, the individual is recommended

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