Happy Burger

Hamburg as an exotic, Chinese into the catering market after welcomed by consumers. For today’s fast-paced state of life, convenient, economical, affordable people have become the inevitable choice for dining out. Hamburg for food and beverage investors will also be a good choice.

Le burger with its own products and services in the fierce market stand out. Le food (China) Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, and in the same year officially entered the field of Western fast food chain. Since April 8, 1999 officially released to information, Pala joined the rapid development of business, as of May 2011, paile Catering Management Company Limited (Chinese) has been successfully China out of more than 1500 Pala restaurant (only area stores have more than 160).

in the joint efforts of all people to send music under the 2009 Pala turnover breakthrough billion yuan, the company for many years was the most popular Western fast food Chinese ten brand "," national quality, the credibility of the brand enterprise "," consumer trust units "and the title of honor. Today, the music is still at a high speed and steady development, has become a bright star in China’s food and beverage industry. How to join the pie Hamburg?.

how to join the pie Hamburg

join conditions:

1, with good business reputation

2, with a certain amount of funds

3, script certain management ability

4, long engaged in the catering industry

5, approved headquarters culture and management

join process:

1, who have the intention to invest in a free phone call to communicate, to understand the company’s accession.

2, after understanding, interested parties can verbally or in writing to the company to join the qualification application.

3, the company will assess the applicant’s basic situation and analysis, to determine the eligibility of the applicant.

4, and joined the business signed a "letter of intent to join the agreement".

5, the company will provide the company with the location of the proposed site selection and evaluation, with the franchisee to the specific market environment for research and planning.

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