2016 China good voice before the finals of the Fujian Division

China good voice, as a music program, the impact in the country is very great. Through China’s good voice stage, produced a lot of good singers, let us in the leisure time can enjoy listening to music, but also can look at the country’s music talent! Below we specifically understand, 2016 China good voice before the finals of the Fujian division.

6 the evening of Sept. 8, century by Jin Yuan · Gui’an Xintiandi total title 2016 The Voice of China national finals in Fujian City auditions Gui’an international theatre ended, thousands of people witnessed the birth of this exciting moment and the music business.

eventually after a fierce confrontation, from Fuzhou division Qiu Zhidou, from Putian division and combination and from Fuzhou division Duan Haibao became the Fujian division talent shows itself, the top three, the total runoff and they will represent the Fujian division in the The Voice of China!

Fujian super sound peak showdown sing together with your security force presents music gluttonous feast

as the most influential TV programs, but also a very strong domestic star platform, "The Voice of China" with a number of strong new strength for Chinese pop singer. The Jin Yuan group, as Chinese Fortune 500 century return home to create Haixi tourism chief commercial and residential complex – Gui’an Xintiandi named "2016 The Voice of China" Fujian division finals and finals of the super project location matching Gui’an international theatre held, it is hoped that through the strong combination, and the ultra first-class equipment, together to create a visual feast of the incomparable.

this "China good voice" Fujian division finals, in addition to 5 professional judges of the teacher spot scoring, but also increased the 50 media review and the 30 public review. The music of the war, to the friends of song, after fierce competition for more than 3 hours, "The Voice of China" Fujian division "TopAsia quarter" in the end settled: champion of No. 01 player: Qiu Zhidou; runner up: No. 10 player: Third – dew combination; No. 04 player: haibao.

heavy positive and super support continued to play up the sound of the development of the most expensive sound on the wind blowing Fuzhou

The "

" The Voice of China Fujian finals in such a high level and high standard draft events in Gui’an Xintiandi held successfully, which shows the charm of Gui’an xintiandi.

in nearly 5 years of development, Gui’an Xintiandi not only has a "carrier class" business outlets, Nike and Adidas in factory outlets opened, Fuzhou also has a noble school, Gui’an provincial hospital outpatient department, the traditional culture street, Gui’an water world, your recommendation

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