Entrepreneurship is the kiwi industry in Guangyuan

a lot of places in order to develop the local economic level, improve people’s living standards, but also make every effort! In recent years, Cangxi County focus on building a new type of kiwifruit industry system and management system, leading enterprises carrying agricultural key projects to boost the development of kiwifruit industry of agricultural projects, to the great development of kiwifruit industry led farmers to get rich. Last year, the county produced kiwi fruit 88 thousand tons, the output value of 1 billion 300 million yuan.

recently, kiwi fruit industry in the county development and fruitful – China Agricultural Park three new board listing is approved, the kiwifruit industry’s first stock was born in Cangxi. Cangxi kiwifruit industry repeatedly why pick the title, a small kiwi, and how to create large industrial output value of billions of Fumin County?

standardized management of large-scale production

"to strengthen the scale, standardized production management to ensure the quality of goods." Director of the Cangxi County kiwifruit industry bureau Yang Wensheng introduced last year, Cangxi Friendship Park, Mitsui and other low consultation "treatment", to adjust the overall planning and development of kiwifruit, high-yield demonstration test in 12 demonstration sites.

to the development of red meat kiwi, suitable for the cultivation of yellow meat, green meat varieties." Yang Wensheng told reporters, after the adjustment of the kiwi industry planning, to achieve early, medium and late varieties, can ensure the supply of fresh products and processing raw materials.

focus on the construction of a standard garden, driven by the common development of neighboring farmers, Cangxi is another important measure to promote the development of Kiwifruit industry.

tree village five dragon town disabled Feng Mingwu, leveraging the precise poverty, development of three-dimensional circular economy: 80 acres of kiwifruit industry park, 300 walnut tree and 600 plum trees as windbreaks, pig manure produced for park fertilization…… Feng Mingwu made the wind, farmers have also been around the action, you two acres of land to develop my own micro park from three acres. Last year, the county development garden Kiwi reached more than 4600 acres.

last year, in the country’s export kiwifruit quality and safety demonstration area to create activities, Cangxi has selected 21 planting villages and towns, the 43 enterprises, the standardization of the industrial park, the first batch of 62 quality and safety demonstration base. Driven by demonstration, the county has 152 thousand acres of planting base to complete the standardization of construction and transformation.

leading to lead the industry to sing


2012 settled in Cangxi, China Agricultural Park, production and sales performance has been among the forefront of similar enterprises. At present, the company has more than 2.3 acres, a total of 17 standardized kiwi kiwi park.

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