2015 useful for entrepreneurship six books must be read

books are the wisdom of the ocean, if we want to obtain knowledge, in addition to their own experience summed up from practice, is to read more books, read good books. Today is for all entrepreneurs to recommend some of this in 2015 must read the six book.

1.  "business script: entrepreneurs realize the company’s rapid growth of the secret", author: David Cheadle


2.  "creative company: to overcome the block of inspiration invisible force", author: ed kattem


3.  "true north", author: Bill George and Peter


4.  from zero to one: how to build the future of entrepreneurial notes, the author: Peter

This sentence in the book excerpt from

can be summarized the concept: "do other people already know how to do, the world can be from 1 to N, will only add more similar things. Innovation is a process from 0 to 1."

5.  "business creative Raiders", author: Michael.

Gen   creativity can be cultivated, and other abilities, can be mastered through learning, and continuously enhance the creativity, in the "Bible", the author intends to teach the reader how to cultivate creativity. After all, only have the creativity and the   the opportunity, those who want to be successful entrepreneurs have the courage to participate in entrepreneurship. "Mijal branch of the full introduction of business strategy" and supporting the "head"

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