Three hearts business allows you to make a lot of money the whole

although the goal of making money in business is very significant, however, to achieve this goal also requires people to pay more efforts. So, do the same business, why people make money, some people are losing money, or even lose everything. This shows that the knowledge of doing business!

enthusiastic service poly popular

shop early, most operators do not want too much pressure because of the goods, and will choose each commodity is a small part as a sample, through the sample to slowly understand the needs of consumers. This is a necessary process to reduce risk, and as far as possible to shorten the process, it is necessary to enter the role as soon as possible – a good customer service.

only you have enough enthusiasm, you can quickly become their customers with mingle, barrier free communication intimate friends, timely access to information, get feedback from them, provide a reference for your business decision. If not, it will be like a blind man across the river or all business concept is on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, your personal understanding, if imposed on customers, only scattered The loss outweighs the gain. popularity.

careful management long experience

What is good to sell on the market in the

what, but also into the more follow the trend of insufficient. No matter how to sell, to sell the product, earn profit is the last word. The product is the most profitable stage of growth. A lot of daily necessities, to sell are very expensive, wait until maturity, the market saturated, prices down, the profit is very thin, stiff with absolute disadvantage for their business development, because each customer’s eyes are sharp.

in order to compete, the surrounding stores will even zero profit dumping, we are unprofitable, this product will withdraw from the market. It is a wise choice to pay attention to the new purchasing advice given by wholesalers. At the same time, but also pay attention to the rules of the wholesale market. First, do not check the goods you have approved in the familiar wholesalers. General wholesalers are committed to the problem can be asked to replace the goods, then the test will make him feel that you are very troublesome customers, and will affect his business, and therefore do not want to deal with you for a long time.

not sichanlanda in the wholesale price, because the wholesale is only through large volume shipments to make money mode, his single commodity profits low, commodity price cuts are generally in the 2% to 3%, if you are not recognized, then break the bottom line wholesalers knew you are a novice, dislike you. Another do not expect manufacturers to give the lowest price. As long as there are agents, businesses will not let you let the price and offend his agent. Want to do agents, it is best to do the new product agents, so that manufacturers will not come up with the purchase volume to pressure you.

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