How to improve maternal and child supplies store popularity

parents are absolutely unselfish for the love of the child, give the child all hope is very good, also let the baby industry is very hot, now the family of maternal and child products baby and mother use high demand, some entrepreneurs see the good market prospects, select the successful maternity stores his own shop, so entrepreneurs how to improve their storefront popularity?

1, membership discount: Maternity stores can be set using the membership discount membership management system, set a number of membership grades, different grades of membership card and discount points of different consumption, more enjoy higher discount.

2, a member of the integral: maternal and child supplies stores can set the integration rules, members recommended consumption points, integral, integral to a certain fraction of maternal and child supplies store can exchange a commodity or cash gifts or cash back points, improve the member’s desire for consumption of.

3, promotions: every national day, new year’s day, Spring Festival, anniversary promotions, maternal and child supplies store sale, such as: May 1st to May 7th the goods hit 50 percent off, the popularity of preferential activities to make the store more high, more and more business.

4, membership card: maternal and child supplies stores through membership card input member name, gender, number, mobile phone number, password, birthday, children members of integral, integral recommended to maternal and child supplies store marketing.

5, membership card: baby products stores using the membership management system to set the membership card office recommended the integration rules to increase membership points efforts to members more surprises.

6, recharge gifts: members through the membership card recharge amount, such as: recharge 500 yuan donated $100, recharge $1000 can be donated $200, allowing members to continue in the maternal and child supplies store consumption.

shop is certainly not so simple to do business, if you want to start it, you can see a small series of suggestions, entrepreneurs open when the baby products store, if in accordance with the six methods above the small, to help their own stores to attract consumers, can help improve the success of popular own store!

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